The Manisec Corporation

Manisec is a Managed Services Provider (MSP), security auditor/assessor, and general information security consulting firm, focused on delivering customized Managed Information Security solutions for our clients.

Manisec is dedicated to providing its customers with highly personalized services to insure the security and integrity of their information assets. We believe that information security requires both vigilant attention and experienced security practitioners to achieve optimum results. Many large corporations employ teams of network security engineers, but this isn't practical for smaller companies. The data security needs of these smaller companies are no less real, however. We formed Manisec because we felt that the ideal way to provide such customers with the best network security systems and practitioners, was through a managed services arrangement.

We feel we can exceed the needs and expectations of our customers, and do so at a fraction of the cost associated with maintaining the network security function in-house. The investments in hardware, software, and the hiring, salary, benefits, training, and retention of personnel can be reduced or eliminated by utilizing Manisec's service offerings.