Secure Perimeter Gateway

Manisec's Secure Perimeter Gateway (SPG) is an ideal perimeter security tool. Developed by Manisec in 2001, the rest of the industry caught on and everyone else began marketing unified threat management (UTM) solutions in around 2004.  Manisec continues to outpace the competition in both the products it develops and the services it provides.  These SPGs can be fully managed and monitored by Manisec staff to provide such critical services as:

  • Stateful firewall - Provides a sophisticated packet filtering firewall to allow only the traffic that your security policy specifically allows.
  • Forensic network intrusion detection sensor - Provides unmatched capabilities for detecting and reacting to external threats, as well as maintaining days, weeks, or even months of complete forensic network data.
  • VPN gateway - Provides secure "virtual private networks" between branch offices or with client machines.  Multiple VPN protocols can be supported as required (IPSEC, PPTP, SSL).
  • Central Log Server - Provides a system which can be configured to accept syslog and/or SNMP messages from other devices on your network, allowing for central collection and monitoring of all of your log data by Manisec personnel. This method also creates redundancy and tamper resistance to your logging as a byproduct of Manisec's log collection and analysis systems.
  • Caching DNS resolver - Provides a robust recursive DNS resolver, which caches answers, to improve the speed and reliability of your network.
  • Transparent caching web proxy - Provides a web traffic proxy that reduces bandwidth utilization and speeds up web access, all without any configuration changes to the client workstations.
  • Web content filtering - Provides the ability to filter incoming web traffic for content deemed inappropriate by your security policy. Helps to protect children from inappropriate content, protect employees from content which could create an unacceptable work environment, and protect companies from the costs associated with litigation and lost productivity.
  • DHCP server - Allows for the network configuration of client workstations to be centrally managed by Manisec personnel.
  • Security Policy Scanner - Provides regular sweeps of the network to detect and identify any new servers and/or services which become active on your network, insuring adherance to your security policy.